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    May employees Ningbo, Zhejiang Xikou trip

    2015/12/15      view:

    With the continuous development of company size and growth, and gradually improve the corporate culture and management norms, in order to reflect the company humane management, strengthen staff enthusiasm, to create unity cohesion, active and progressive atmosphere, so that employees get adequate physical and mental rest and relaxation, the company on May 19-20 organized employees to five Longtan, Xikou tourism.

    Ningbo five Longtan Scenic Area is "Ningbo new sites", AAAA level scenic spot, is also the first company in Ningbo, Zhejiang by tourist sights ISO9000 international quality certification system located southwest of Ningbo Yinzhou Longguan Township, about 35 kilometers away from Ningbo city , it is punishable by a natural scenery as the basis, the Chinese dragon culture, eastern Zhejiang Shan customs, folk customs and cultural connotation, streams, waterfalls, strange Dan Xianfeng featuring scenic area.

    Xikou is located in Ningbo City, 40 kilometers southwest of Fenghua Xikou, east Wuling, south to the quiet river, north xuedou, water Raoshan ring, beautiful scenery. Modernization is here because of Chiang Kai-shek and his son Chiang Ching-kuo's hometown and cited worldwide attention, in east tourism trunk line of a shining pearl, it is the first "national AAAA level tourist area" and "Top Ten Zhejiang beautiful Paradise", won the Tour lovers of all ages.